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GAIA Live Session

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Students and Faculty attended a live session to show the launch of the GAIA mission. The details of the mission were explained by Abel Calle, Chairman of the Physics Section, and Cesar García, a Spanish colleague from the ESA. GAIA will produce a star map of our galaxy, reaching well inside the galaxy bulge.


J2IFAM meeting

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The VI Meeting of Young Researchers in Atomic and Molecular Physics (J2IFAM) will take place in Bilbao along the dates 22-24 January 2014. The J2IFAM meeting is a good opportunity to bring together Ph.D. students and young researchers. From our group Montse Vallejo will be presenting an oral talk.


ISON comet

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Nice example of gravitation: The ISON comet reached perihelion last November 28. The coronagraph on board satelite SOHO produced an impressive movie (below) of the comet turning around the sun, soon before it mostly desintegrated.