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Faculty day 2014

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Alberto Lesarri gave a historical talk at the Faculty day last November 13, 2014. The talk explored the origins of the Faculty of Sciences in the period 1857-1923, associated to the important social and political changes of that time. The picture below shows the Main Hall (“Paraninfo”) of the University ca. 1925’s, later demolished. The talk is freely available.

San Alberto 2014

The motto on the left of the wall is “Vitam impedere vero” (“to devote life to truth”). The cross marks the former dean Arturo Pérez Martín (Source: APM family).

paraninfo uva

Landing in a comet

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The European Space Agency put a 98 kg space probe in the surface of the comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. The Philae probe bounced back into space a couple of times before landing, since the escape velocity from the comet is only 1.8 km/h. Science went well till Philae batteries exhausted. The Rosetta spacecraft will continue monitoring the comet for at least one year. More results to come.

The orbital approach to the comet is shown in the video below.

XI SIJ – RSEQ-Sigma Aldrich

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The XI Symposium of Young Researchers of the Spanish Society of Chemistry and Sigma Aldrich was organized in Bilbao on November 4-7, 2014. The meeting brings together young Chemistry researchers, including also postdocs,  Ph. D and M. Sc. students. Montse Vallejo and Elena Caballero presented an oral talk and a poster, respectively. The participation of 152 people was the largest in its history. Below Montse and Elena in front of Elena’s poster.

Congresos Jovenes RSEQ recortado