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propofol hexamer

Category : New Results!

A large cluster or a reverse micelle: A work on the propofol hexamer led by José Andrés Fernández gets a cover in Angewandte Chemie.


Phenol dimer and trimer

Category : New Results!

Rotational spectroscopy expands to larger molecules and clusters. A work in collaboration with the Pate group in Virginia reveals the structure of the phenol dimer and trimer, pinpointing the position of each atom of the cluster. The phenol trimer is a barrel-like symmetric top.


Scopine published

Category : New Results!

If you heat scopine you get scopoline, a distorted tropane. See ChemPhysChem for the structure.



Phenazone published in JCP

Category : New Results!

Phenazone published: Complicated hyperfine + internal rotation problem


Fructose published

Category : New Results!

A rotational work on fructose has been accepted by JACS and published in the web. JACS_fructose

Ribose published

Category : New Results!

Ribose was published in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. (51, 3119, 2012) and selected as “Hot topic”