Probing molecular structure

I am mostly interested in gaining information on molecular structures and intermolecular interactions through experimental spectroscopic methods, in particular:

  1. Rotational spectroscopy
  2. Vibronic Laser spectroscopy

Rotational spectroscopy uses microwave radiation to examine the rotational energy levels. These spectra are extraordinarily sensitive to molecular geometries, producing very accurate descriptions of the molecular structure.

Vibronic spectroscopy uses laser radiation to explore vibrational and electronic properties.

Both methods can be applied to molecules vaporized in the gas phase, but especially to molecules expanding adiabatically into vacuum, which form a supersonic jet. A jet expansion cools down molecules to extremely low temperatures, freezing molecular clusters the time required for spectroscopic observation.

In the last years I have examined the molecular properties of different families of different chemically or biochemically interesting molecules. Please see my publications for relevant results.