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Spallation Neutron Source

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The new European neutron spallation source will go to Lund (Sweden). Bilbao compited for this facility without success. The Swedish funding for this project is equivalent to ca. 50 km of high-speed train, but unthinkable in Spain. According to ESFRI boss Prof. John Womersley “it would have been better for Spain to build scientific facilities instead of airports and auditoriums…”. A new report from the Spanish Consortium of Scientific Societies (COSCE) recently expressed that the new 2015 national budget for Science “mantains the budget cuts and does not promote R+D“.

In the movie below coffe making is observed using a neutron source.

Montse’s Ph.D. dissertation

Category : Group News

Congratulations to Montserrat Vallejo-López, who passed her Ph.D. dissertation with top qualifications last September 26. The evaluation committee included J.-U. Grabow (Hannover), S. Melandri (Bologna), J. A. Fernández (Bilbao), J. L. Domenech (CSIC-Madrid) and S. Blanco (Valladolid). Montse spent the last four years here and left a great impression in the Department. Good luck for the future!

Tesis Montse IMAG1771

September Visits

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Prof. Jens-Uwe Grabow (Hannover) and Prof. Sonia Melandri (Bologna) visited our group the last week of September. Prof. Grabow gave a talk to Faculty, students and general public on September 23, in collaboration with the Physics section of the Faculty of Sciences. The talk (below) connected molecular rotation experiments with Astrochemistry and particle Physics.