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Marcos Juanes attended the XXVth Colloquium on High-Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy (“Dijon Colloquiums“) organized by the University of Helsinki during August 21-25th, 2017. Marcos presented two posters: A comparison of water clusters in furfuryl mercaptan and furfuryl alcohol and a structural study of diphenyldisulfide. The first day of the conference Prof. Caminati was offered with the two special issues of Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy edited by Grabow, Lesarri and Melandri. The 2018 International Conference on High Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy (“Prague Conferences“) will be organized next September 3-7, 2018, in Bilbao, chaired by Alberto Lesarri and Emilio Cocinero.

Pseudopelletierine in CEJ

An article on the methyl inversion and structure of the tropane alkaloid pseudopelletierine has been published in Chemistry: A European Journal. The article  includes extensive (multi-isotopologue) rotational data, together with theoretical calculations on the equilibrium structure of the molecule, in collaboration with Jean Demaison and Natalja Vogt.

In the figure below the inversion potential of the methyl group in pseudopelletierine and the pomegranate tree, where this alkaloid can be found.