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RSEQ talk

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Prof. Miguel A. Sierra (UCM, Madrid), General Editor of Anales de QuĂ­mica (the Journal of the Spanish Chemical Society), gave a lecture to the UVa Chemistry students last October 23. The talk was titled “Chemistry: An impure Science?” and discussed on the relevance and double use of chemical tools. Prof. Silverio Coco, local President of the RSEQ, presented the local section to the students and explained some of their activities.

charla rseq octubre 2015

Neutrino mass

Category : General News

Particle Physics made a hit again. The Nobel prize of Physics was awarded to researchers working in neutrino oscillation. The experiments showing conversion between different types of neutrinos prove that they must have some mass (unlike the initial assumption of the Standard Model). The Swedish Academy called it “Metamorphosis in the particle world“. The Chemistry prize was (again) Biochemistry, and focused in DNA repair.

SuperkamiokandeThe ultra-pure water pool used in theSuper-Kamiokande neutrino detection experiment in Japan may have nice recreational possibilities (credits).