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Caminati visit

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Walther Caminati visited the UVA the first week of December to discuss common research. Professor Caminati worksĀ at the UniversitĆ  di Bologna (Italy) and is author of more than 350 publications. He has explored multiple chemical problems using rotational spectroscopy, in particular molecules with large-amplitude tunnelling motions. He previously enjoyed a sabatic year at the UVa in 2005.


Prof. Caminati at the UVa last December 2015.

Grabow visit

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Jens-Uwe Grabow visited our lab the last weeks of November. Prof. Grabow (Uni. Hannover) is a world expert in rotational spectroscopy. Some of his interests include the relation between Spectroscopy and particle physics, large-amplitude motions, andĀ newĀ spectroscopy techniques. The visit continues a long-standing collaboration with the Hannover group.

Jens_visit2015Prof. Dr. Jens-Uwe Grabow at the Faculty of Sciences – UVa.

HRMS 2015

The XXIV Colloquium on High Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy (HRMS 2015) was organized in Dijon last August 23-28, 2015. Our group presented a poster on the conformational map of enflurane. Emilio Cocinero gave a plenary talk at the meeting. Next meeting in the HRMS series will be in Helsinki in 2017.

HRMS2015In the picture below part of the Spanish team at the HRMS 2015, including Dionisio Bermejo and JosƩ Luis Domenech (CSIC), Alberto (UVa) and Marƭa Eugenia Sanz (UCL, London).

HRMS2015 foto espaƱoles

B. Sc. thesis – Patricia Monge

Congratulations to Patricia Monge, whoĀ passed her B. Sc. thesis last July 10! Patri analyzed the conformational preferences of two seven-membered rings (cycloheptene and cyanocycloheptane)Ā and got a 8.5/10 qualification. Work on these molecules will continue in the next months in collaboration with the Grabow group in Hannover.


ISMB 2015

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The International Symposium on Molecular Beams (ISMB-2015, June 28 – July 3) was organized this year in the World-Heritage city of Segovia (Spain), chaired by Profs. Javier Aoiz and Luis BaƱares (Universidad Complutense, Madrid). The meeting brought together about 90 researchers and had special sesions to honor the figures of Profs. Piero Casavecchia (Perugia) and Mike Ashfold (Bristol). Alberto gave a talk last July 2 on “Microwave Spectroscopy of Neutral Molecular Clusters“.

ISMB2015 group compressedGroup photo of ISMB-2015.

ismb2015Segovia. The city was first cited in a History book in 79 BC.


Jon Hougen visit

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Jon Hougen, emeritus researcher at NIST-Gaithersburg,visited Spain for a conference in Madrid. He later gave a talk at the University of the Basque Country on hybrid Hamiltonians for molecules with two simmultaneous large-amplitude motions last May 4th. The picture below shows Jon after is talk.

2015-05-04 12.04.30


Chemistry Olympics

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The Prize Session of the last regional Chemistry Olympics was held last April 10 atĀ the main Hall of the Faculty of Sciences, organized by the Spanish Chemists’ Association (AQCYLANQUE). Alberto gave a talk on “Molecules and Symmetry” intended for the secondary-school students who participated in the competition. The talk is freely available. In the picture below we see the three winners, together with the Faculty Dean, University Rector and organizers.

OLIMPIADA DE QUƍMICA 2015 - cartel

16510642564_65f8f02eec_zIn the picture: Dean Fernando VillafaƱe (4th left), Rector Daniel Miguel (5th) and professors Marisol Vega, Alberto Lesarri and JosƩ Martƭn (right side).


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Montse Vallejo presented an oral communication at the VII Meeting of Young Researchers in Atomic & Molecular in Physics. The event was organized by the University of Jaen (March 18-20) and is a great opportunity for young Ph.D. and postdocs to meet and share research experiences (without their bosses…). The meeting was dedicated by Dr. Alberto Garcia-Vela, president of the GEFAM, the group of Atomic and Molecular Physics of the Spanish Societies of Chemistry (RSEQ) and Physics (RSEF). The local organizers of the meeting in Jaen are shown in the picture below.



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Alberto Lesarri gave an invited talk at the International Conference on Frontiers of SpectroscopyĀ (ICFS2015), organized by the Physics Department of the Banaras Hindu University (BHU, Varanasi, India). The meeting marked the 75th anniversary of the Spectroscopy Laboratory at BHU. The University was founded in 1916 and comprises 4 Institutes, 14 Faculties and more than 140 Departments. BHU ranks first in research output (Scopus, WoS) among Indian Universities.

Charla India DSC_3383

Faculty day 2014

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Alberto Lesarri gave a historical talk at the Faculty day last November 13, 2014. The talk explored the origins of the Faculty of Sciences in the period 1857-1923, associated to the important social and political changes ofĀ that time. The picture below shows the Main Hall (“Paraninfo”) of the University ca.Ā 1925’s, later demolished.Ā The talk is freely available.

San Alberto 2014

The motto on the left of the wall is “Vitam impedere vero” (“to devote life to truth”). The cross marks the former dean Arturo PĆ©rez MartĆ­n (Source: APM family).

paraninfo uva