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Columbus Symposium

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Our group presented seven contributions to the 68th Ohio State University Molecular Spectroscopy Symposium (MSS) in Columbus. Emilio Cocinero, Patricia Ecija and Estibaliz Mendez (Univ. Basque country) gave oral talks. Next symposium will move from Columbus to Urbana-Champaign.

Below: Iker, Estibaliz, Patricia and Emilio with Jon Hougen at the MSS


IBER2013 Meeting

The next Iberian Meeting on Atomic and Molecular Physics – IBER2013 (Sept. 9-11th.) will be organized in Seville. Alberto Lesarri and José A. Fernández will be given oral talks.


Meeting of Young Researchers

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Montserrat Vallejo will be given an oral presentation at the “V Meeting of Young Researchers on Atomic and Molecular Physics” in Madrid, next Friday 15th, on “Rotational spectra and ab initio modeling of monolignols”.



Communications to Conference on Astrophysics

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José A. Fernández and Emilio Cocinero will be presenting two oral communications at the National Conference on Astrophysics, focusing on molecular structures of anesthetics and sugars:

Prague meeting over

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The Prague conference took place at the impresive National Technical Library. Next European Spectroscopy meetings will be in Budapest (2013) and Italy (2014).

Prague 2012 Communications

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Our group will present a contributed talk and a poster in the Prague 2012 meeting